Bristol carpet cleaning.

There are TWO very common ways to clean your carpets in Bristol.

One way is to have them cleaned professionally, the other way is to clean them yourself. But which one do you choose and how much do you know about each of the available choices?

I can with hand on hart tell you about the best way to do your carpet cleaning yourself. I can also tell you which kind of Bristol carpet cleaning is best to choose when calling in a service provider. But we as a company, we have both methods available in Bristol for you. But here’s a run down of how to clean your carpets yourself, plus which sort of carpet cleaning to choose when calling in a Bristol service provider like us.

So here goes.

First off, I’ll tell you HOW to clean your carpets yourself.

This method of carpet cleaning is becoming very much more popular in today’s carpet cleaning environment. From DIY to Bristol service providers, this method is appealing to both. But it hasn’t always been like that. For absolutely years and years, most people especially DIY doers, they cleaned their home carpets using the traditional way. They got a machine, filled it up, then went over the carpets repeatedly in an effort to get them clean. The flaw in this method is that carpets get drenched, they will very quickly re soil too. The solution used for cleaning is always an alkaline solution. Alkalinity attracts soil to it, hens carpets always became soiled very quickly after you’ve spent hours in effort to clean them.

So what’s the solution?

Well, that’s what this post is all about. The solution is that you must first of all pre-spray carpets with a alkaline multi purpose carpet cleaning solution. This solution must be sprayed onto the surface of your carpets first. Then the solution must be brush agitated into the carpet pile so that it cleans away the soiling, loosens it and separates it from the carpet pile.

Next, we switch on the carpet cleaner machine and inside, it has a rinsing  solution. This process will rinse out the lose soils in the carpets and it will rinse out the alkaline solution too. Your carpet will become neutral PH and then it will NOT attract soil and re-soil prematurely as a result.

The second way to Bristol carpet cleaning is to call in the local service provider. If you follow this rout, the very best you can do in Bristol is choose a service provider who offers ‘truck mount carpet cleaning‘. My advice to you is this. If you are going to pay for carpet cleaning, then why not choose the very best there is? Truck mount carpet cleaning leaves all the other methods far behind. You get clean carpets full stop. No other methods can give you carpet cleaning anything like truck mount services.

If for any reason you choose a Bristol service provider who does not offer truck mount carpet cleaning, here’s what to do. Simply ask for a guarantee. Then if for any treason you are not 100% satisfied with the work done, use your guarantee to get your money back or get re-peat cleaning.

That’s the two Bristol carpet cleaning methods I recommend for your carpet cleaning.

For a wealth of information about these two topics and to take your first steps towards making a booking, click the first link above.